Jerald Young

Twice divorced — and happily married since 1993 — I agree with Margaret Mead when she said, “I’ve been married three times, all successful.”

Experiencing the death of a relationship is traumatic. Plus, embarking on life after divorce carries with it the fear of an unknown future. I call this cluster of trauma and fear the “pain of divorce.” In a nutshell, I help you end the pain of divorce — and begin the “dreams can still come true” next chapter in your life. —– Jerald Young is a Divorce Recovery Coach. He works with individuals who are struggling with their divorce/breakup and its aftermath. Using a proprietary 3-step, 10-module program, he helps clients stabilize their present emotional situation, release the baggage of past relationships and prepare for new ones that will last. The goal? Enjoy life as a single and, if you desire, choose a new committed relationship that will last.

Jerald is the President of the Center for Stable Change, a Divorce Recovery coaching firm based in Minneapolis, MN.

His book, Me? Change? Not Now, Not Ever!, details the first practical prescription for how to dissolve resistance to change for any major life transition, including divorce.